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CiężarówkaWe are looking forward to doing business with you.

We are continuously purchasing sheep: lambs, ewes and rams, as well as goats. We are also interested in purchasing cattle: bulls, steers, heifers and cows.

We offer attractive prices, our own transportation and rapid payments. If you let us know earlier, we can arrange for cash payments. Check out our prices of purchasing cattle, sheep and goats.


Information for suppliers

The owner is obliged to check if each animal (cattle, sheep, goats) has both ear tags in its ears. According to the applicable regulations, each animal (cattle, sheep and goats) sent into slaughter has to have both ear tags in its ears. If the ear tags are destroyed or lost, the owner should request the issue of duplicates from a competent institution before the animal is sent into slaughter.

In the case of cattle, the owner is required to prepare a passport containing the information about each consecutive owner of the animal.

For all animals, the owner is required to fill-in the food chain form, which should contain basic information about the owner, as well as information about the animal feed and treatments.

An example of a food chain form is available in Polish on the Polish General Veterinary Inspectorate website:

The owner brings to the slaughterhouse a filled-in food chain form, and in the case of cattle also a passport.