About us

Starowiskitki Slaughterhouse is a family business founded in 1995. At the very beginning, our company was a very small venture. We used to operate only a couple of days a week and offered very limited quantities of products, mainly to retail clients. With time there came new investments, larger working space and new production lines created with the intent to meet new European Union standards. The investment completed at the end of 2003/beginning of 2004 paved the way for our company to be authorized to sales on the domestic market.

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Our offer

Starowiskitki Slaughterhouse, located in Starowiskitki-Parcel, performs slaughter and cutting of cattle, sheep and goats. The company is situated ca. 1 km (0.6 miles) away from the Wiskitki Interchange linking A2 motorway with the national road no. 50.

Starowiskitki Slaughterhouse is a company with a strong…

For suppliers

Our company is continuously purchasing sheep: lambs, ewes and rams, as well as goats. We are also interested in purchasing cattle: bulls, steers, heifers and cows. We offer attractive prices, our own transportation and rapid payments. If you are interested, please familiarise yourself with the current…

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We have been in the business of purchasing cattle, sheep, lambs and goats for 26 years.